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The Benefits of Solar Power

Homeowners and other property owners are discovering solar power today in greater numbers than ever before. Why is this? People are becoming more aware of the carbon footprint they are leaving on this earth by consuming traditional energy produced by the use of fossil fuels for one thing. In addition, the fossil fuels are non-renewable resources. 

Lower Your Monthly Bill 

Another reason for the greater interest in solar energy is the fact that traditional energy costs keep increasing to the point that many can no longer afford their monthly electric bills. Did you know that you could lower your monthly electric bills by 20% just by adding a solar energy system to your house or commercial structure? Just think where you can use this extra cash each month! 

The Cost of Solar Energy Systems in the Past 

The cost of solar energy systems in the past has scared off some property owners. However, this is the cost of purchasing a system out right instead of leasing. Today, there are lease options and power purchase agreements or PPAs that make using solar power systems more appealing to a greater number of property owners. Residential leases are normally for periods of twenty years, but leases for commercial establishments can range in length from seven to twenty years. PPAs allow the property owner to purchase power from a system. He only pays per kWh used instead of a fixed monthly rate. The cost can vary depending on how productive the solar energy system is in a given month. 

Let our company show you how solar power can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money in the process. We will explain all your options clearly that are available today. Please contact us for further information. Our staff is eager to serve your solar energy needs.


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